It’s Cannabis Business, Dammit!

By now, you all know I'm out here trying to sell my book, EveryDayMaryJ, to dispensaries. It's great to meet all the cool people at the nice dispensaries and exciting that folks will be reading my book. BUT  - I have to bitch.

I've been teaching my cooking with cannabis classes since 2012 and have dealt with lots of folk in the industry. I'm running into a real issue lately, and I don't want to blame it on the cannabis, but more often than not, about 2/3 of the people I deal with are flaky. I mean seriously flaky. Like "I don't know our email address here" flaky.

Yesterday, I thought I had an appointment with a guy in Bellingham. After several emails and texts, we were to meet in BHam between 11 and 12. I drive all the way up there from West Seattle and then discover he's not where he said he'd be, I can't get hold of him, he won't answer the phone or a text…I ended up waiting for an hour and a half, then driving all the way home. Did he ever get in touch? Did he ever reply? NO! Same with a media gal who's been in touch with 'urgent exciting projects' twice. I send her info, pictures, whatever is needed, then…nothing.

So, I guess what I'm saying here, fellow cannabis business people, is this: please act like business people! Answer a damn email, reply to a text. Let’s pretend we're all trying to make positive change in the world by helping people get access to cannabis. And let's pretend we're freakin' grown ups!

There - I got that off my chest. THANK YOU.