Nothing to Fear


In my teaching cooking with cannabis classes, one thing continues to stand out: lots of people seem to be afraid of the high. I can't tell you how many times I've talked to folks about the healing properties of cannabis, yet their main question is, what about the high - will I jump off a building/go crazy/eat the cat/drool? Well, of course not, yet some full-grown, intelligent humans remain scared of the pot.

I blame prohibition; years of either misleading or no information have left confusion in their wake. Many of these same folks, because “doctors are God”, will take opioids and all the weird over the counter stuff, despite the side effects and nasty high. I took pain meds for years, and let me tell you, that is not about euphoria. I found pills to be depressing and not healing at all; but cannabis is seriously great! And if you get a little goofy, or happy, or horny - isn't that WAY better than being depressed and sad? 

So, lose the pills and the over the counter stuff. You are an intelligent and brave individual.... try cannabis!!