Our Pal CBD


There's an analogy I use in class when we talk about CBD or cannabidiol, that wonderful, popular, non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. I like to say that it's like taking a vitamin C pill; good for you and ok, but eating the whole orange is way better. Same with cannabis!

Currently there's a huge interest in CBD, which I think is great for getting people familiar with the healing properties of cannabis. But what kinda bugs me is that folks are missing out on all the other beneficial components of cannabis when they only focus on CBD. Now I know from teaching cooking with cannabis for years that some people are just plain scared of pot. I get it - years of propaganda has put fear in the hearts of many regarding the 'high'. I've heard people say they’re worried about hallucinations or jumping out of windows.

I've found the best way to combat fear is with information and hopefully experimentation. There have been wonderful folks in class who initially had a lot of fear about pot, but with a little reading up and playing around, they're happy stoners now. I guess I'm saying CBD is great and better than nothing, but the whole plant is truly your friend!!