Mary J. White

I’m so excited to share this book with you! I’ve been teaching cooking with cannabis for several years now, and this book is a compendium of experiences and recipes. I spent years on the radio and in local media, but cooking has always been my joy - and cooking with cannabis has changed my life. After years of pills for my chronic pain, I’ve found relief and healing with cannabis. And you can, too…our book will show you how!

For more information about my cooking classes and how to sign up, click here.

Mary J. White
This was the second class of Mary’s that I have taken…and as always, I walked away having great memories of a fantastic time, as well as learning some great cooking skills!! Thumbs up and I’ll be back!

Val McKinley

I had no idea, when I accepted my friend Mary J. White’s invitation to shoot the photos for her upcoming cookbook, EveryDayMaryJ, how much fun it would be and all that I would learn in the process of creating images, editing and designing the book.

I’ve been shooting professionally since the days of film, everything from newspaper work to weddings and portraits. I’m proud of our book and hope you enjoy the photos AND Mary’s informative and lively content!