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EveryDayMaryJ, A Practical Guide to Cooking With Cannabis is loaded with mouth-watering recipes and relevant information about every day cannabis for all of us. Based on Mary J. White’s experiences teaching folks how to use pot in daily life, she demystifies cannabis and shows you how finding the right strain and delivery method can positively and deliciously change the course of your life.

EveryDayMaryJ is available to purchase as both a softcover or an ebook.


Cannabis-infused oil

Cooking with Cannabis Basics

In this section, you’ll learn about cannabis, its history, and ways to utilize its goodness. Easy, fun, and very gratifying!

Stoned sea salt shortbread


We go way beyond the tried and true brownie - you’ll find truly delicious and simple recipes to medicate your goodies!

Coconut chicken curry with cannabis


These delectable recipes showcase cannabis: curry, meatloaf, chili, condiments, appetizers and more – all tasty and fun!